5 Things That Inspired Me This Week 7/3/15

Cedarwood Essential Oil




Cedarwood was one of my new oils to try last month and it has quickly jumped to be one of my favorites (though that rarely doesn’t happen). I sleep like a baby when I put two drops on my face after washing it. I’ve tried lavender and peace and calming… but usually have really odd dreams and nightmares, especially with peace and calming. Cedarwood on the other hand, helps me sleep soundly through the night. It’s also great for hair growth and for the skin, and is really inexpensive. I HIGHLY recommend it.


My Ever Evolving Face Routine


Back in March I posted about starting to wash my face with raw honey. Well, here’s an update: I love it! I no longer use any conventional products to wash or moisturize and my face is in the best condition it’s been in 10 years. I now use things like coconut oil, witch hazel, vitamin E, and a variety of essential oils to maintain healthy skin. Most recently I purchased and added jojoba oil to my routine and am amazed at how well it works! I’ve been following the regimen in the video below. Jojoba oil is also great for hair!





A favorite spot of mine is Petoskey. There is something so relaxing and vacation-like up there. No internet, no cable, no worries about the real world. I’m trying to go up and spend time on the boat with my family as much as I can this summer! Looking forward to a fun-filled weekend up there this weekend.





Swarley Cuddles


Birchum cool as a cucumber riding up north.


It’s no secret that I am a cat lover. I’ve had cats around almost my entire life and I’d be so sad if I didn’t have a little furry friend waiting for me excitedly every time I come home or to snuggle with on the couch. Pet therapy is real.


Monthly Meal Planning


Sometimes we fall off the wagon and go for more convenient at-home meals, eat out a little more than usual, waste fruits and veggies out of laziness, or stop by the store for extra snacks or drinks midweek. My plan is to stick to a certain budget for the week and get everything we need in one stop. This means maybe an extra snack or sweet, but less stops throughout the week mean eating healthier and saving money overall. Last week I made tortilla soup, pineapple and mushroom pita bread pizza, cucumber, mozzarella, and bell pepper salad, and pumpkin muffins. The rest of July is mapped out and so far I am feeling so good about having food readily made and being conscious of our budget. If you are interested in learning more check out this blog post from Don’t Waste the Crumbs.


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  1. Claire

    Love reading your posts! I have been using coconut oil for removing my makeup and love it!

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