Caitlin H.


It may seem cliché to start a testimonial with these words, but it is true: “Ashley is amazing.” She is everything I didn’t know I needed. My husband is the most caring, loving, supportive partner and Ashley filled the gaps in our birthing and parenting journey that only a doula can fill.


I knew I needed a doula because I had a strong fear of the pain and unknown of birth. Ashley helped talk me through different scenarios and our birth plan in detail for ideas of what I wanted. She discussed options for pain management that I didn’t know existed! Even knowing the plan wouldn’t go as expected (it didn’t!) talking me through everything step by step got me in the mindset that I could do it. I had a very fast labor and delivery. Despite being uncomfortable and having my eyes squeezed shut, I knew she had made it when I heard a low moo-ing noise at my side to help get me to a place a calm and relax my body. My doula was there!


Where Ashley really shone was in the postpartum care. 24 hours after giving birth, the realization that my husband and I were returning home with a baby to a home that wasn’t prepared for a baby set in. I was anxiously listing things off that I knew we needed. She was taking notes and passed it into the hands of family that fulfilled that list and more so that we were prepared (or as prepared as we could be!) when arriving home. The postpartum visits also added sunshine to the often gloomy baby-blues and cold January days. She provided breastfeeding help and support without making me feel any guilt or inadequacies when it just wasn’t working out. She had gentle suggestions of things I didn’t know I needed or hadn’t thought of. My mother-in-law stayed with us to help the second week we were home and she said that my demeanor did a full 180 when Ashley arrived or called to check in.


My most favorite advice from Ashley (and my most frequently unsolicited advice that I give to new moms now!) is “all you can do is try.” For example, an earlier bedtime for baby, going for a walk during witching hour, switching up the bath routine….worst case scenario, it doesn’t work and you go back to how it was before. Best case scenario, trying something new creates a new “win.” Ashley is kind, caring, a good listener, respects all viewpoints, and dropped everything to be at our baby’s birth. She is passionate about being a doula and sharing the benefits with her clients. Ashley, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my journey to motherhood my best adventure yet!