Secrets to Feeling Great When Working Out Is Not an Option

So you cannot workout due to illness or injury or do not have time (for real, not just ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse). If exercise is just not an option, here are some positive health behaviors to incorporate into your day instead:




  • Drink lots of water. Carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated and keep your metabolism up.
  • Add lemon to your water. Lemon is a great way to detox your body and also boost your energy.
  • Park far away and take the stairs. If you’re used to always finding the closest spot, try the second closest spot instead — and slowly add to the distance over time. Those extra steps add up.


Green Juice


  • Drink your greens. Make or pick up a green juice or smoothie. This is a surefire way to boost your energy and feel great!




  • Meal plan. Eating well is always important, but if you cannot workout for recovery reasons, take the extra time to work on planning nutritious meals.
  • Watch portion sizes. This doesn’t mean you cannot ever go back for seconds, just be conscious of what you’re consuming.


So it’s not a matter of cannot or (real) time constraints. You just really want to lay on the couch…and eat…and drink beer…. and feel like this…




You know you’ll feel better if you workout, but the thought seems too daunting. Here are some things to try in these situations:


  • Throw on your favorite upbeat song and dance. Maybe it’s a one or two song workout…maybe it rolls into 30 minutes of stress-relieving cardio…gotta try to find out!
  • Foam roll. Self-Myofascial Release aids in muscle recovery, injury prevention and promotes circulation. Not only does it stretch muscles, but it works out knots as well. You do not need to warm up before rolling like you do stretching so it’s easy to do any time. And, you can do it in front of the TV! Here’s a video to walk you through it.


holiday series


  • Search YouTube. What are you in the mood for? It helps to be walked through a workout and there are many full-length videos out there. Whether you’re wanting just strength, kickboxing, yoga, you name it, it’s out there — here are some of my favorites. Sometimes you just need to find what actually sounds good to your body and you’ll be in action in no time.
  • Search Pinterest fitness. This is along the same line as YouTube, and can also be good motivation to get you thinking about why you want to move, how you’ll feel after, and what you may be in the mood for.
  • Do 10 minutes of yoga. That’s it. Here’s a good yoga flow.


new shoes


  • Go for a 10-minute walk. You’ll feel better the moment you step out the door, I promise. Try a podcast or audio book if you need some entertainment, or hop on a treadmill and watch your favorite show.
  • If all else fails, forget the workout! Maybe that’s what your body is asking for anyway. Don’t feel guilty about it and hop back on the next day.

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