Favorite At-Home Workout Websites, YouTube Channels, and Apps

Working out doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or take a lot of time. Here are my top five favorite go-to workout resources that help me focus, get sweaty and can be done at home for FREE.




Disclaimer: Remember that these workouts may not be right for you. Please speak to a medical professional before making changes to your current routine.


BodyFit By Amy, YouTube Channel
Amy is so well-spoken and includes modifications for most of her workouts. She includes a warm-up and cool-down in the videos which is great since most people tend to try skipping out on this critical piece! Most workouts can be done with bodyweight or free weights, but she also incorporates some TRX if you have access to a suspension trainer. There is something for all workout levels on her channel!


Bender Fitness, Website
Melissa Bender is a bikini competitor and does all of her training from the comfort of her living room! She has all the variety you could want: HIIT, Strength (full body and body part specific), yoga, etc.. She also has a few workout programs and challenges. All videos are full length, and vary in duration.


Nike Training Club, iPhone and Android App
Pick a goal, your workout level, then a workout from a list. The duration of workouts range from 15-45 minutes and some equipment is needed but you can always modify to work with what you have at home. A woman who walks you through the whole thing and there are videos to watch for each exercise if you need instruction. A warm-up and cool-down is also included.


Body Ripped, Website
Kyla is the one I need to thank for getting me into HIIT workouts and keeping me in shape throughout grad school. Her creative workouts gave you a quick (7-20 minute), full body workout that will get you real sweaty fast. You work hard but feel refreshed at the end. Make sure you go your own pace and take extra breaks if you need it.


Christine Salus, YouTube Channel
I don’t entirely agree with the extremes Christine goes to in some areas of wellness, but I love the variety in her HIIT workouts. Most videos are full length and range from 15 minutes to one hour. Not recommended for beginners.


Strength Workout


Other popular YouTube channels:



Yoga With Adrienne



I am working to grow the exercise library on my channel, feel free to check that out and subscribe here!


Make it a goal to sweat once a day by getting your heart rate up.


Now it’s your turn. What are some of your favorite at-home workouts?

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