5 Things That Inspired Me This Week 10/9/15

Below is a list of the things that inspired me to be happier and healthier this week. I encourage you to take a moment to make a list of things in your life that inspired you this week, too!

My Boys




Oh my gosh, does this picture not melt your heart?! Swarley may have been held against his will, but he looks so darn cute!

Outdoor TRX Workout


When my husband and I have days off together we usually push off working out until the last possible moment. And when we do actually get around to it, it ends up being a silly, unmotivated mess. After we threw in the towel and went for a leisurely walk one night, the next I knew we had to try a little harder. We went to the park across the street, hooked up the TRX and jumped between strength on the TRX and no equipment cardio exercises. It was fun and we pushed ourselves a little more than we sometimes do! Here’s a short video of some of the TRX exercises we did that can be done in a circuit of it’s own:


50 seconds work/10 seconds rest x3

Warrior Row R

Warrior Row L

Plank Abductors

Shirt Ripper

Speed Skaters


Mint Plant


Mint is one of my favorite green juice ingredients, and this week I purchased a plant to readily have some available. It may already be dying, but hey I’m working my hardest on my green thumb!


Fudge Brownies




Finally a good healthier brownie recipe. My friend, Annette, shared this recipe with me many months ago and I just got around to making it. The texture is so similar to regular brownies — nice and gooey and delicious. Despite so much almond butter in them, they do not have a nutty flavor, however, they are best served hot. Other delicious healthier dessert recipes that are Ashley Approved can be found here.


Halloween Decorations Around the Neighborhood


Our neighbors go all out this time of year. It’s fun walking around and seeing all the creativity. I didn’t want to take pictures of full houses, but here are some examples:






Bonus: Home Workout from the Week:

Lower Body Sculpt and Shape


Happy weekend!

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