5 Things That Inspired Me This Week 11/6/15

Each week I compile a list of 5 things that inspired me to be healthier and happier. Below is my newest list, starting with our new rockstar…




Riley Family


Riley Sleeping


If you’ve been around here much at all, you have to know that my husband and I are HUGE cat people. Well, last week this girl did what some would deem impossible, and stole our hearts. Honestly though, she seems like the most cat-like dog you could meet, just smarter and slightly less mannerly. She is a great companion and is always up for a walk, or even more so, being the center of cuddles. My heart is exploding watching her do so many (adorable) things for the first time. We’re looking forward to her encouraging us to get outside and be active more, especially with winter approaching.


We adopted from New Hope Pet Rescue in Laingsburg where all dogs go to foster homes until they find their forever homes. We are SO, SO thankful for Riley’s foster mom, Angie, who took such good care of her until we could take her home. We could tell she was loved and comfortable with her and her three foster siblings. We were also much more comfortable knowing more about Riley’s temperment and training prior to bringing her home, since this is our first dog. More information can be found here about both fostering and adopting.


Dandy Blend




I tried this healthy coffee alternative this morning and I must say, it is surprisingly very similar to the average cup of joe! It’s made from extracts of roasted barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root and sugar beet and is gluten, sugar, dairy and caffiene free. The only issue this morning is that I didn’t get the caffeine kick that I needed to combat a couple of sleepless puppy mama nights!


The recipes on the back sound decadent.




A Weekend Away


I am fortunate that both my parents and in-laws have places up north in Petoskey and Harbor Springs. Last weekend marked the first trip away with just my husband since our honeymoon. I came back refreshed and ready to face the real world again. Definitely something to be happy about.


Sweet Potato Tacos


sweet potato tacos


This recipe is delicious. And a great meal idea for Meatless Monday – or any day!


Happier Podcast




I recommend this podcast to listen to while doing chores, going to walks, etc. Each 20-30 minute episode features a simple tip that can be incorporated into your life to help make you happier. The goal of the first episode was to use the one minute rule. If a task takes less than one minute to complete, do it right now. For example, throwing away mail that you opened and don’t need, hanging up clothes instead of throwing them on a chair nearby, putting dishes directly into the dishwasher, and so on. A useful tip to keep clutter under control!


Have a wonderful November weekend!

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