5 Things That Inspired Me This Week 8/21/15





Last weekend I stayed with a friend who made a room deodorizing spray for the bathroom with purification and lemon essential oils. I loved using it so much, I just had to make my own when I got home. Since purification is out of stock, I want to save it for loads of laundry and room emergencies, so I turned to Pinterest. This is where I discovered poo-pourri — I can picture walking by displays of this stuff in boutiques but never cared enough to stop. Spray it in the toilet before taking care of business and it won’t stink?! Brilliant! I made my own version with lemongrass, grapefruit and peppermint essential oils. Poo-pourri for the win!


Vinyassa HIIT


Last week I attended my first vinyassa HIIT class and I loved it! At first I wasn’t so sure with it being a hot yoga class, music blaring through the speakers, and having to do a portion of flow on our own. I have taken one Bikram yoga class and hated it, so I was hesitant when I showed up. This was totally different, the time flew by, there was a lot of variety, I got a great sweat on, there was a tabata portion, and I got in a good stretch. All of my favorite things. I’ll be back!


My Planner




I bought a new planner and can make weekly and daily lists to my hearts content. And I just keep singing, “Plannas gonna plan plan plan plan.” Thanks, Taylor….


Turkish Towels


Thanks to Instagram, I’ve been on a Turkish towel jaunt for a while now. They are just so beautiful and have so many uses! It’s a fast-drying towel, scarf, throw, shawl, tablecloth, you name it. I gave one to my sister, dad, friend, and had to get one for myself too! It is great for travel since you can wear it as a scarf then convert it to a blanket if you’re cold in the car or on a plane and it doesn’t take up much room to pack at all. I plan to spray it with calming essential oils since I get anxious traveling as well. Best of all: it gets softer every time you wash it!


Walks at Dusk


night walk


Whenever I can, I’ve been taking a walk each night around dusk. It’s so quiet out, the crickets are singing and the fireflies are fun to watch. I take a water bottle with fresh lemon juice or a smoothie with me to drink while I’m out to get in some extra health benefits too!

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