5 Things That Inspired Me This Week 1/1/16

Whoa, hello 2016! Time for a fresh start, big goals and new memories. Here’s the last bit of 2015 that highlights what inspired me to be healthier and happier. Feel free to play along in the comments section below!


Obviously time with family tops my list this week. But not only for the holidays.


Family Time


sam graduating


parents with animals


My sister-in-law’s graduation, many Christmas’, wedding dress shopping with my sister… So many momentous occasions!


Kids Saying the Darndest Things


While at Target in the throes of Christmas shoppers, I got some good laughs from kids with their parents. Thought I’d share some here…


Child: Mama, why is there an I in my name?

Mom: There’s not an I in your name… Your name is Gwen.

Child: No, there is! Gwenin….Gwenin…See!


Girl: Mom! Look how beautiful this manikin looks.

Girl (now rubbing the manikin’s legs): She is soooo pretty. Isn’t she really pretty? Oh my gosh. She is beautiful.


Great entertainment. Thank you essential oils for making this an enjoyable experience rather than stressful!


New Traditions




Andy worked Christmas Eve so we took that as a time to start some of our own new traditions. After he got off work we made breakfast for dinner then drove around with Riley to find the best display of lights. We split our Christmas Day between our families and it was one of the best yet!


Home-Brewed Kombucha




I dared to try a sip of the kombucha, and it was good! I used strawberries during secondary fermentation and got about 5 glasses out of it. I added frozen blueberries and club soda before sipping and it was delicious! Time to start another batch…


This Mug


gilmore girls


My client, Candace, gave this to me. All Gilmore Girls fans will appreciate it.

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